Twain and Simple English

"Spelling and Pictures" mark twain dialog.Twain and Simple English Prose and Poetry Realm Literature

According to Mark Twain, spelling in print magazines only benefit an elitist few who have grown fond of the old form, but serve to impede the functionality of the language, so that it fails to fulfill its primary duty to communicate ideas and emotions. Therefore, language should be simplified in favor of the broader audience, and that the grotesque old form concerned with downright ridiculous and redundant words be done away with.The more or less carefree color to the dialog to some extent masks the importance to the obstacle staying tackled. All because its self-appointed “keepers” have grown so fond of the old form, language in print media was failing as an effective tool for communication. Twain mockingly product labels the earlier shape a family group tumors, which illustrates the absurdity of keeping an issue that makes damage for the health of emotional value for money. If the proverbial one percent represented by the minority of the readership/authors persist in their selfishness, but he points out that the future of the medium and the access of the people to information are both at stake, and that both are in peril of being lost. By stating his intentions clearly by the end of his essay, twain gives an ultimatum: either we cling to tradition or perish, or we move where the tide of change leads.

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Poetry studies. Representation on Thomas Hardy’s The Person He Wiped out

Poetry studies. Representation on Thomas Hardy’s The Person He Wiped out Prose and Poetry

He studies for a few months but get involved in a variety of jobs including working in a factory, cobbling shoes and editing a local newspaper after returning from college. He started up the struggle of practical life very early and lived a tragic life throughout. The current piece he has developed in 1915, 5years before the incident actually reported in the local newspaper. He has taken the title “out, out-“ from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, in which Macbeth compares life to a burning candle that can be snuffed out anytime: out-out brief candle” and Frost point is that life can be brutal and short (Wooten, 2006).
In this poem Frost describes his own life’s experiences of having earned experience at an early age, and the forgone pleasures that he did not enjoy in his boyhood. The time spent in the countryside by illustrating the beauty of nature and the hardships of poor farmers, which they face to earn their livelihood, and then describing the event of a boy’s death concluding that death is a tragic reality and the life of living goes on as before.

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